Jennifer Nettles Drops New Single “That Girl”

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Jennifer Nettles Drops New Single That Girl

As the lead singer in Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles has been dubbed as one of the greatest female singers in today’s Country Music. After teaming up a few years back with Bon Jovi for the international smash “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, it was almost certain she would branch out sooner or later with a solo attempt. The time is now – Nettles has just released her debut single as a solo artist called “That Girl”.

The song, however, doesn’t test the vocal ability of the main stream Country singer. As a matter of fact, the vocal of the song is more a story-telling easy-style approach that doesn’t expose the true range of Nettles. This shouldn’t really influence the strength of the single, as the sexy, almost jazz/salsa sound is sure to catch the ear of music lovers.

The story line itself is a very strong one and will likely cut through some of the other music on the radio today. She will definitely grab the attention of female listeners with lines like “I knew he was good looking, maybe too good to be true. But when he kissed me in that alley, I could tell there was a you.” From the line you can tell the story is about a two-timing man torn between two lovers, which makes for a great song.

Nettles has surely stepped away from the all so popular Country party song that has made a big impact on radio lately. I expect this song to do well as it will stand out and “possibly” crossover. Nettles is making a great impression on the web as she sits at number four on Findstream’s Hot Country US and World Charts. Expect this song to do well as music professionals in radio should embrace it.

Scope out web radio performance of Jennifer Nettles -That Girl, download the single on iTunes and share your comments on her performance with us.

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