Eric Church’s The Outsiders Rocks the Country Chart

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Eric Churchs The Outsiders Rocks the Country Chart

I remember the days when Eric Church was looking for his identity in music. It wasn’t that long ago, in a North Carolina town, Eric began defining himself. He always asked the experts which avenue he should take – Country or Rock. Finally, after many established artists suggested he just be himself, it’s obvious.

This next single defines the hard driving, straight forward approach he has always had inside. The rebel message surfaces perfectly clear and the pounding drumbeat along with shouting background vocals give it an almost early classic rock feel. I hope Country Music embraces this venture as Church is definitely branching out a little further in his expression with this single. Eric is and will be a product of moving “outlaw” or “outside” (hence the title) Country to a higher level.

Eric has a huge fan base and he loves his fans very much.  Proof of that comes with the release of a new tune and video he released first to his fan club. Eric Church’s The Outsiders is the first new song released and will be included in a new album scheduled to be released later this year. “The Outsiders” is Eric’s fourteenth single release and is his first release since the January gold-certified, Top 10 ‘Like Jesus Does.’

Eric’s work has not gone without industry recognition and highly noted record sales. Eric is nominated for two CMA Awards, including Male Vocalist of the Year and Musical Event for his energetic collaboration with his buds, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan for ‘The Only Way I Know.’

By looking at the result of the Findstream Charts (#1 New Country music -#1 New US Country Music -#3 New US Music -#9 New Music in the World) he seems to be in very familiar territory with this new project.

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